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Supporting Technologies:

Java/J2EE,.Net, Oracle GoldenGate implementations, Oracle Database 12p/11g Support/Administration and SQLServer Development/DBA, and OAS11g-Installation/Configurations


Excellent Services in Oracle Development/Support and Administration.

Travelers Limos
Inventory Management System (IMS) - Manage information about all the employee's...
  • Hire/fire employees and Time keeping system about Check-In and Check-Out, record task performed for each day.
  • This Product invokes Employee’ s Registration and generation of Monthly Payroll, and Vacation days management. Storing Timesheets and validate against clients timesheets and generate Reports for any discrepancies for a given period. Print Reports Weekly, Monthly and Yearly..
  • Accounts Management System.
  • Salary Management System.
  • Oracle Enterprise Edition-10g
  • SQL, PL/SQL, iDS(Forms10g/ Reports-10g).
  • Oracle Designer-10g (Repository for DFD’s and Data Modeling)
  • .Net Technologies (Asp.Net, VB .Net and C# .Net).
  • AS10g Web Deployment with Forms/Reports
Cal State Relocation Service Loan Modification System
Cal State Relocation Services is a real estate and mortgage company that prides itself in providing high quality realty and financial services to its clients.
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework 3.5
  • MySql
IMS Presentation Inventory Management System
eResume Management System
Cal State Relocation Service Loan Modification System
Projects In Process .....
EEMC Phase-1:   

U.R.L:   Yourmedfiles.net


Technology allows Cloud based working environment for the field of medicine to reach medical records faster and save lives Enterprise e-Med files Cloud (EEMC).

CCFA Phase-1


CCFA main aim is to save customerís valuable time, we provide the online application form to enroll for health insurance, you do not need to go anywhere Agent will come to you, you just need to select the plan which suits you and give all your relevant details.

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  • Description:

    We provide the online application form to enroll, you do not need to go anywhere Agent will come to you, and you just need to provide your details and relevant documents which are required for registration process. The US government will recognize the people as US citizens then the people are allowed to get all the benefits from the US government..

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